Climate Response Team

Climate Response Team Members

The Climate Response Team is lead by:
Director for Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice

Jamie Chidozie
(319) 273-2250

Chief Diversity Officer/Assistant to the President
Gwenne Berry
(319) 273-2820

Dean of Students
Allyson Rafanello
(319) 273-7153

Vice President for Student Affairs
Paula Knudson
(319) 273-2332

Vice Assistant to the President for Compliance & Equity Management
Leah Gutknect
(319) 273-2846

The following individuals serve as Process Advocates in the Climate Response Team process:

Director of Residence Life
Nicholas Rafanello
(319) 273-2333

Assistant Director for the Center for Multicultural Education
Keyah Levy
(319) 273-2250

Gender & Sexuality Services Coordinator
Emily Harsch
(319) 273-5428

Military & Veteran Student Services Coordinator
Chiquita Loveless
(319) 273-3040

Director of International Students & Scholars
Isabela Varela
(319) 273-6421

Assistant Dean of Students for Student Accessibility Services
Kelly Fiddelke
(319) 273-6858

Associate Professor for Special Education
Amy Petersen 
(319) 273-7959